Why Choose Us
  1. We've been around since 1988.
  2. We have a team of experienced & skilled local workers.
  3. We use highest class of insulation and materials which are standardise.
  4. Dip-varnishing and electrically controlled oven.
  5. Undertake to repair and rewind all kind of electrical machines which are used in many industries.
  6. We are an authorized service centre for US based Baldor Electric Motors.
  7. Able to perform free load test for any size and type of machines. On request can perform load test for customer before commissioning the machine.
  8. Back-up support from our principal when handling complex technical problems.
  9. Able to analise and provide our recommendation to customers with fault findings.
  10. 6 months warranty for all the rewindings.
  11. Can provide 24 hours service in case of emergency.
  12. And we are always guided by our motto of "Assuring you of our best service at all times".
  13. Rewinding work is entitled to 6 months warranty.

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